Series: Focus on the Child

Capture It with Child 15

Capture It with Child 15
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A second-grader works on basic number combinations as we see him playing a comparison card game, Capture It. Comparing a number card to his opponent’s card, he can quickly and accurately share who has the higher number. Then the interviewer and child play with two cards each and compare sums. We see that this child is also accurate when comparing sums but is still developing his efficiency and flexibility, key indications of fluency.

For example, at one point both players have a five card. He observes that her cards make eight and his cards add to only five. He does not notice the fives “cancel each other out.” Although in the video we can observe how much he knows about counting, he is still developing the ability to reason about number relationships.

Focus on the Child videos are taken from one-on-one interviews with individual children. The interviews are designed to elicit evidence of children’s mathematical thinking. They are not teaching episodes or formal assessments.