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Big and Small While Exploring Attributes of Size and Amount

In the real world, kids often desperately want to know which is bigger? and who has more? Big and small, a lot and a little. It can be important because children think that things should be fair. To be "big" is often associated with the amount or size of a good thing that is being shared with them. This could be the number of tasty treats they get or the size of the treat. But those are two very different types of BIG, right?

Children can often wrestle with different ways of comparing and describing size and amount. Many children will say a tall, narrow glass is bigger than a short, wide one, even though they may very well hold the same amount of liquid. They think someone who is taller must be older, when that certainly isn't always the case. Children need to learn and need practice naming the exact attribute they are describing or comparing.

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