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Teaching STEM the Focus of 100Kin10 Summit

Teaching STEM the Focus of 100Kin10 Summit

At the 100Kin10 Annual Summit, held at The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, education experts from across the nation gathered to discuss the topic of teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

Teaching STEM has unique challenges associated with it. One of the experts quoted in the article argues that at a basic level, simply finding a clear definition of the term is a challenge. Encompassing four distinct topic areas, STEM can have different meanings for different educators. Determining what STEM encompasses, and how to strike a balance between its various parts may be the first step in teaching STEM successfully.

Attendees also discussed professional development for teachers of STEM, the efficacy of current standardized STEM tests, and the availability of vocational education for students interested in jobs in STEM fields.

The Early Math Collaborative’s Jeanine Brownell explains in the article the importance of instilling early childhood education teachers with the confidence and inspiration they need to consider themselves strong STEM teachers. Children who are guided to learn and internalize STEM concepts at a young age have a great advantage going on into the later grades.