Dear Early Mathematics Education Community

For too long, we–especially those who are white and occupy positions of power–have not joined forces to denounce the pervasive and devastating effects of white supremacy and anti-Blackness on the learning and lives of the students in our charge. We write to share a Call to Action for the field, and to ask you to join us in our efforts.

Early childhood educators, including early mathematics educators, have only scratched the surface in acknowledging and disrupting the ways that racial oppression, in general, and the centering of whiteness, in particular, have infiltrated our beliefs, practices, research, and policies. Too often, deficit-oriented theories and perspectives grounded in white supremacy are enacted in curricula, instruction, assessment, and classroom and school structures. These enactments subject many Black, Latinx, Pan-Asian, and Indigenous children to adultification, criminalization, surveillance, educational neglect, and other forms of dehumanization and violence. As a result, children and their families must frequently navigate negative messages about their identities–as learners, as doers of mathematics, and as members of racialized groups.

Call to Action

We call on the field of early mathematics education to name and dismantle white supremacy and anti-Blackness in all of their manifestations. Together we must:

  • show unequivocally that early childhood environments are not immune to racial oppression, but are subject to white supremacy, anti-Blackness, and other forms of racial oppression;
  • explicate the ways in which white supremacy and anti-Blackness are present and operate in the institutions, policies, practices, and belief systems that support early childhood education in particular;
  • demonstrate how white supremacy and anti-Blackness can thwart children’s development, impede educational justice, and threaten the possibility of young children flourishing mathematically;
  • examine our personal and collective involvement in these systems and structures and take action to disrupt the white supremacist status quo, transforming educational experiences and becoming anti-racist actors and advocates;
  • listen to, elevate, and value the expertise and wisdom of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and Pan-Asian families, community members, and children; and
  • imagine and develop systems and practices of early mathematics education that honor the humanity of Black, Latinx, Pan-Asian, and Indigenous children and protect their right to thrive.

By signing here, we pledge to seek out, participate in, and create opportunities to answer this Call. We embrace anti-racism, committing ourselves to ongoing critical self-examination and bold actions that oppose white supremacy, anti-blackness and other forms of racial oppression.

Racial Justice in Early Math: A Call to Action


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Promising Math 2022

Promising Math 2022: Racial Justice in Early Math

Learn more about our previous (virtual) event focused on Racial Justice. We took a deep dive into problems of systemic racism and the ways they injure our youngest math learners.

As part of the event, we heard from educators, parents, scholars, and community members who have developed creative and inspiring ways of providing mathematics education opportunities that circumvent or disrupt the systemic racial injustices embedded in our educational systems. There were several opportunities to connect with others who care about this work, building new relationships with like-minded colleagues.

Learn more

The RJEM Working Group

Nathaniel Bryan, Assistant Professor, Miami University
Sarai Coba-Rodriguez, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Rebeca Itzkowich, Senior Instructor, Erikson Early Math Collaborative
Donna Johnson, Assistant Director of School Supports, Erikson Early Math Collaborative
Nora Kane, Media Coordinator and Strategist, Erikson Early Math Collaborative
Melissa Kirk, Administrative Manager, Erikson Early Math Collaborative
Danny Martin*, Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Jennifer McCray*, Principal Investigator, Erikson Early Math Collaborative
Cody Meirick, Production Manager, Erikson Early Math Collaborative

Gigliana Melzi, Associate Professor, New York University/DREME Network
Amy Parks, Professor, Michigan State University
Priscila Pereira, Doctoral Student, University of Illinois at Chicago
Aisha Ray, Professor Emerita, Erikson Institute
Sisa Renie, Coach/Facilitator, Erikson Early Math Collaborative
Amanda Ruch, Middle School Math Teacher, Chicago Public Schools
Delilah Salgado, Artist and Local School Council Member, Velma Thomas Early Childhood
Niral Shah, Associate Professor, University of Washington
Wilma Valero, Educational Consultant, Valero Educational Consulting, Inc.

*Working Group co-chairs

Support for the Racial Justice in Early Mathematics initiative is provided by the Heising-Simons Foundation.

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634 Ms. Sonja Smith-Pica
633 Ms. Thoma Thacker
632 Dr. Ashli-Ann Douglas
631 Heather Burke Early Childhood Mathematics Instructor, Western Washington University
630 Shawntae Mintline Academic Advisor, College of Education- Wayne State University
629 Deloris Morris Divine Assignment Leadership Academy
628 Al White Action communication and education reform
627 Alexandra Morgan Boulder Journey School
626 Sharon Green
625 Jennifer Wolfe Associate Professor, University of Arizona
623 Anita Shervington Director, BLAST Fest Ltd
622 Edith McLoud Armstrong Storytelling Speech Pathologist
621 Darius Savage Musician/ Educator
620 Frances Hogan Adjunct, NYU
619 Burcu Durmaz PhD Süleyman Demirel University
618 Rebecca Mitchell Professor of mathematics and mathematics education
617 Hanna Haydar Associate Professor, Brooklyn College- CUNY
616 Jennifer Ward Assistant Professor of Elementary Mathematics, Kennesaw State University
615 Lisa Durff Online Adjunct
614 Alisan Royster Math Coach, Hillsborough Elementary School (NC)
613 Paul Ernest Professor emeritus, University of Exeter
612 Maria Ortega
611 Jian Liu Adjunct Assistant Professor, New York University
610 Alexandra Paul
609 Justin Johns Math Coach, International School of Latvia
608 Krysten Hardee Teacher- GCPS
607 Nicole Looper Nelson Mandela Early Childhood Development Center
606 Braia Lewis
605 Claire Riddell
604 Pablo Gomez-Echegaray ucsc
603 Rakhee Dodia erikson institute
602 Jenny Ryan Teacher
601 Kyla Kemble
600 Christine Andrews-Larson Florida State University
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599 Chloe Imhoff Teacher
598 Courtney Nelson Portland Public Schools, OR
597 Sue Gifford Emeritus Fellow, Roehampton University
596 Rajeev Virmani Assoc Prof, Sonoma State University
595 Celine Liu Director of Teaching, Learning, Educational Equity
594 Mari Altshuler PhD student, Learning Sciences, Northwestern University
593 Dionne Aminata Director of Strategic Initiatives, Illustrative Mathematics
592 Kaylee Holman
591 Ruth Corley Providence Public Schools
590 Rosa Serratore PreK-12 math coordinator
589 Greta Anderson
588 Jenna Laib K-8 Math Specialist, Public Schools of Brookline (MA)
587 Kenisha Bynoe Tdsb
586 Lindsay Keazer Assistant professor of math education Sacred Heart U
585 Deborah Ball Professor, University of Michigan
584 Jenny Poole
583 Cindy Jong University of Kentucky
582 Dr Lisa Tsuchiya Quileute Tribal Education Director
581 Cynthia Johnson Preschool teacher
580 Lara Dick Associate Professor, Bucknell University
579 Alejandra Salinas Boston University
578 Scott Farver Assistant Professor Michigan State University
577 Mollee Shultz Postdoctoral researcher, Texas State University
576 Courtney Koestler Assoc. Professor, Ohio University
575 Kim Johnson West Chester university
574 Kelly McCormick Professor of Mathematics Education, The University of Southern Maine
573 Benjamin Ahlvik-Garrison Teacher Candidate,UCSC
572 Alyssa Sayavedra Mathematics Teacher, Merritt Community College and Oakland Unified School District
571 Kit Golan MS Math Teacher
570 Salvador Huitzilopochtli Doctoral Candidate/ University of California- Santa Cruz
569 Elyssa Miller Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education
568 Esperanza Zamora UCSC Education Department Staff
567 Judit Moschkovich Professor, Univ. of California, Santa Cruz
566 Victoria Hand Associate Professor, CU Boulder
565 Katie Lewis University of Washington
564 Joshua Sussman Academic Researcher UC Berkeley
563 Xinyu Wei Graduate Student Researcher, UC Berkeley
562 Debra Sullivan Seattle Black Child Development Institute
561 Ronzeyl Newsome Little Fort Elementarty School Admin
560 Carson Newsome Graceland Univ Student
559 Carrington Newsome WFU Student
558 Carol Brunson Day Distinguished Fellow
557 Chris Amirault School Director, Tulsa Educare; Instructor, U of Oklahoma
556 Maisie Gholson Assistant Professor, University of Michigan
555 Gregory O’Loughlin Director – The Educators’ Cooperative
554 Shira Helft Desmos
553 Lisa Bejarano Lesson Developer, Desmos
552 Arthur Powell Rutgers University
551 Faith Moynihan Lesson Developer, Desmos
550 Cristina Granda University of Washington
549 Lisa Ferguson Erikson Institute
548 Kathy Perkins Director, PhET Interactive Simulations, University of Colorado Boulder
547 MaryAnn Brown Teacher
546 Patricia Pinheiro
545 Flavia Rodrigues
544 Justin Zignago None
543 Patricia Peixoto HR specialist
542 Dill Costa
541 Quincy Raggs Resource Counselor – The Village
540 Glauco Garcia
539 Margo Ford Owner and Author/ TLC Consulting
538 Susan Wetrich Teacher
537 Brenda Williamson Professor – DTCC
536 Emily Norman Collaboration for Early Childhood
535 Erica Moy
534 Marisol Salgado
533 NaLei Arsiga-Faurot Home School
532 Jennifer Adams Teacher, Chicago Public Schools & Center for Talent Development
531 EvaRosa Z
530 Emily Lux Professor, Millikin University
529 Joslyn Richardson Institute for School Partnership at Washington University
528 Rebecca Criollo Math Instructional Coach, UChicago STEM Education
527 Fiona De Salle
526 Adam De Salle
525 Erika Pon
524 Kevin Pon Director of Partnerships, Accion Opportunity Fund
523 Janine Gomez Executive Director, I Dream PCS
522 Janice Johnson Teacher
521 Kelly Wahmhoff
520 Mattalyn Terrell Henry Booth House/Near South
519 Kisonnah Williams Mary Crane North site
518 Carla Strickland UChicago STEM Ed
517 Kelty Kelley FX O’Regan Early Childhood Development Center
516 Karissa Solas Fajardo
515 Wendy Gardiner Associate Professor, Pacific Lutheran University
514 Claudia Lopez Fairfield Academy
513 Betty Walls Walls Educational Services
512 Debi DiFonso
511 Julie Nieset
510 Ali McConville McConville Academy
509 Kimberly Rimbey KP Mathematics
508 Marilyn Frankenstein (retired) UMass/Boston
507 Lilly Padia PhD candidate, adjunct lecturer, NYU
506 Washington Reis Mathematics undergraduate student, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
505 Elen Deise Barbosa
504 Colin Jackson Dr.
503 Arthur Powell Professor, Rutgers University
502 Beth Herbel-Eisenmann Professor Michigan State University
501 Rik Pinxten UGhent, Belgium
500 LATRECE JOHNSON UPHC Small Steps Learning Center
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499 Lesa Clarkson Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
498 Alicia Voges
497 Sophie Lee Assistant professor
496 Jodie Hunter Associate Professor
495 Jennifer Knudsen Terc
494 Amy Hillen Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, Kennesaw State University
493 Art Peck Math Instructor, Lane Community College, Oregon, USA
492 Heather Yuhaniak Montgomery County Public Schools (MD)
491 Frances Hogan
490 Ann Sitomer Mathematics Department
489 Enrique De La Torre Professor. Universidade da Coruña. Spain
488 Bob Petersons Editor Rethinking Schools; President Milwaukee School Board
487 Katherine Pauletti Phd student/adjuct
486 Cassie Brownell Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
485 Maxine McKinney De Royston Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
484 Karis Jones Visiting Assistant Professor at Hobart and William Smith Colleges
483 Miwa Takeuchi Associate Professor, University of Calgary
482 Christine Bowers
481 Onjaleke Brown St. Anthony Academy
480 Christine Thomas Professor Georgia State University
479 Helen Covington Mom, Aunt, Mimi
478 Arundhati Velamur Adjunct Faculty and Graduate Researcher, NYU Steinhardt
477 Mauricio Rosa Adjunct Professor at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil
476 Jasmine Ma Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, New York University
475 Nicole Fletcher Assistant Professor of Educational Studies and Teacher Preparation, Fairfield University
474 David Stinson Professor of Mathematics Education, Georgia State University
473 Robyn Pinilla PhD student, Southern Methodist University
472 Kyle Anderson 3rd grade STEAM, The Calhoun School
471 Kari Kokka Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education; University of Pittsburgh
470 Yasmine Abtahi University of South East Norway
469 Mary Langmyer Math Educator
468 Shipra Sachdeva Assistant Professor, Østfold University College, Halden, Norway
467 Hilary Povey Professor Emerita in Mathematics Education, Sheffield Hallam University
466 Rishana Bloom The Leffell School
465 Guilherme Henrique Gomes Da Silva Associate professor, Universidade Federal de Alfenas
464 David Pomeroy Lecturer, University of Canterbury
463 Tuba Khan Teaching Assistant
462 Jodie Miller Senior Lecturer, The University of Queensland
461 Laura Grant Doctoral Candidate, Washington State University
460 Laura Black Professor, University of Manchester UK
459 John Coley Program Lead SEED ECS AT TBA
458 Roxanne Moore Doctoral Candidate, Washington State University
457 Sandra Fritz Adjunct Professor, Lesley University
456 David Bowers Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee Knoxville
455 Megan Burton Associate Prof. Ele. Math Ed.
454 Theodore Chao The Ohio State University
453 Paige Bray Assoc Prof of EC & Director, Center for Montessori Studies @ University of Hartford
452 Abi Leaf Ass’t Principal EUHSD
451 Jennifer Jones Independent Math Coach/Consultant
450 Shelly Jones President-Elect Benjamin Banneker Association
449 Joi Spencer Professor and Interim Dean University of San Diego
448 Luz Valoyes Chavez Catholic University of Temuco
447 Heather Johnson University of Colorado Denver
446 Mel Graven Prof Rhodes
445 Debasmita Basu The New School
444 Lisa Darragh Senior lecturer, University of Auckland
443 Mark Wolfmeyer Associate Professor, Kutztown University
442 Andrea McCloskey Assoc. Prof., Penn State University
441 Molly Kelton Washington State University
440 Anita Bright Portland State University
439 Sue Staats Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
438 Roberta Hunter Massey University
437 Amanda Moura Senior Researchers, University of Klagenfurt
436 Nathalie Sinclair Professor, Simon Fraser University
435 Keiko Yasukawa Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney
434 Brian Lawler Associate Professor Mathematics Education, Kennesaw State University
433 Anita Rampal Professor, Delhi university
432 Charles Munter associate professor, University of Missouri-Columbia
431 Luis Leyva Vanderbilt University – Peabody College of Education & Human Development
430 Anna Chronaki Professor University of Malmö
429 Laurel Cooley Associate Professor, Mathematics Dept, Brooklyn College – CUNY
428 Nicole Joseph Vanderbilt University
427 Meg Knapik GEMS World Academy Chicago
426 Julie Paturzo 100Kin10
425 Margaret Brett Dir of Field Education and Career Serv, Erikson Institute
424 Rustina Sharpe
423 Mindy Holohan Faculty Specialist, Western Michigan University
422 Kate Minear Lower School Math Specialist, Brooklyn Friends School
421 Jonathan Edmonds K-2nd grade Math Specialist, Brooklyn Friends School
420 Denisha Jones Co-Director, Defending the Early Years
419 Cheryl Torbin Educator
418 Andrea Lund Meadow Crest Early Learning Center
417 Stef Icsarescu RECE,DECE
416 Leah Shoemaker
415 Colleen Mielen
414 Anna Colgan Associate Lecturer, The Open university
413 Katie Morgan Math Coach/CUSD 200
412 Frederique Yova
411 Madeleine Pope
410 Alice Hehir Early Years Maths tutor, University of Cambridge
409 Rachel Hill Tuscaloosa City Schools
408 Jay Casady Senior Manager, Career Pathway Programs
407 Sarah Waddell
406 Krista Kaiser NYC DOE DECE Teaching & Learning
405 Aura Perez Assistant Professor, California State University Channel Islands
404 Yolanda Peter Peel District School Board
403 Lee Gane ECW
402 Linda Fulmore President: TODOS
401 Dee Crescitelli Director, Kentucky Center for Mathematics
400 Steven Sebastian Project Engineer S&C electric co
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Name Title and Organization
399 Jayne Renee Hyzy ECE Teacher Life Long Learners
398 Rachel Dance Elementary PreK – 5 Math Content Coach, Montgomery County Public Schools
397 Hannah Kaplan Assistant Guide, Guidepost Montessori at Lincoln Park
396 Michele Hinds Office of Early Childhood
395 Cynthia Dressler School District 54
394 Alex Davidson Teacher, Community Action Head Start
393 Gretchen Wagner Director of Early Childhood Education, BAISD
392 Claire Dunham Senior VP Programs – Start Early
391 Dawnica Green DCPS
390 Barbara Bowman Professor, Erikson Institute
389 Angela Vera Center Assistant
388 Elizabeth Hughes Associate Professor of Special Education, The Pennsylvania State University
387 Kimberly Fagade
386 Caitlyn Russell Early Childhood Special Educator- Adams 12 Five Star Schools Thornton Colorado
385 Eva Porter
384 Patty Buenrostro Assistant Professor of Secondary Education
383 Beth Miracle Meiman Retired educator & Independent consultant
382 Alma El Issa Parent
381 TIMOTHY M JENKINS Teacher’s Aide & Activity Specialist
380 Lauren Solarski Loyola University & Erikson Institute
379 Glenna Jakush Mentor Teacher, Christopher House
378 Regina Puckett Executive Director; Origins Learning Community
377 Rocio Almanza
376 Ellen Lynch Professor of ECE (Ret.)
375 Elizabeth Suazo
374 Sara Rezvi Program Director, Math Circles of Chicago | Doctoran Candidate at UIC
373 Holly Bamford Hunt Bamford Foundation
372 Edie M Dobrez Homewood Science Center
371 Veronica Cortez Associate Director, Policy at Erikson Institute
370 Luke Bandyk Erikson Institute
369 Kathryn Coffey K-5 Math Curriculum Specialist
368 Hannah Kaare Program Coordinator of the Early Childhood Leadership Academy, Erikson Institute
367 PENNY SMITH Erikson Institute
366 Kathryn Chval Dean, UIC College of Education
365 Rebeca Itzkowich Erikson Institute
364 Jamilah R. Jor’dan
363 Lori Farrer
362 Renee Miller Coach, Erikson Early Math Collaborative
361 Larissa Mulholland UIC College of Education
360 Carly Stacy Erikson Institute
359 Carlotta Conley College of Lake County Children’s Learning Center
358 Jie-Qi Chen Erikson Institute
357 Michelle Soltero Grossmont College
356 Amber Peters Elgin Partnership for Early Learning
355 Erica McCormack Self
354 Ayelet Miller Education Department Chair, Triton College
353 Rachel Herrera Early intervention therapist and IMHC
352 Carrie Nepstad Harold Washington College
351 Rachel Hilbert PreK Teacher, CPS
350 Alix Cozen First Up
349 Veena Villivalam
348 Crystal Glover Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education, Winthrop University
347 Adam Kennedy Associate Professor, ECSE – Loyola University Chicago
346 Jessica Pablo The Primary School
345 Tameeka McFarlane Teacher
344 Gillian McNamee Erikson Institute
343 Dina Mendola Course and Implementation Specialist
342 Shruthi Kannan Mary Crane Center, Morse
341 Lisanne Hedger Mother
340 Vanessa Arcinas
339 Frances Harper Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee
338 Sheila Haennicke Erikson Institute
337 Maria Fung Worcester State University
336 Ruth Hoffman Adjunct Professor of Math, Toccoa Falls College, Toccoa Falls, GA
335 Sommer Gentry Professor, United States Naval Academy
334 Soren Rasmussen Software Engineer, NCAR
333 Helen Burn Instructor Highline College
332 Alan Scrivner Retired Scientist
331 Steve Lehman Professor Emeritus
330 Heather Hulett
329 Sarah Parks-Reese Early Learning Specialist
328 Beth Mills Executive Director, PivotED Consulting
327 Monica Varma Education Manager SSYC
326 Anita Sundrani PhD Student and Research Assistant – University of Houston
325 Tanaga Rodgers OSSE
324 Erin Reid Erikson Institute
323 Kira Hamman Penn State Mont Alto
322 Isauro M. Escamilla San Francisco Unified School District
321 Deborah Jenkins Educator
320 Claire Nuchtern Math Teacher
319 Akil Parker Adjunct Math Professor, Cheyney University
318 Kateri Thunder Educator, Researcher, & Consultant
317 Christopher Danielson Executive Director, Public Math
316 Vada Gray Blogger and Educator
315 Herb Green
314 Kay Perry Retired Elementary Math Specialist
313 Mark Ellis CSU Fullerton
312 Sharen Woodley Regional Vice-President of Operations Philadelphia Brightside Academy
311 Melissa Amison Melissa Amison LCSW
310 Courtney Warner Math Coach, West Hartford Public Schools
309 Evan Taylor Mathematics Educator, Indianapolis Public Schools
308 Noam Szoke Educator, Math Content Specialist
307 Pat Phipps Retired ECE Educator and Executive
306 Beverly Jackson Georgetown University School of Medicine Community Based Learning
305 Meghan Gowin Teacher, Uplift Ascend Primary
304 Veronica White Consultant
303 Jerlean Black Caucus
302 Kira Hamann Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
301 Hannah Hemperly
300 Ana De Leon Learning Bridge Early Education Center
VIEW 299-200
Name Title and Organization
299 Andrianna Smyrniotis Professor, Illinois Central College
298 Shayna Steinberg
297 Rebecca Swartz Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
296 Adriana Weichman Cps
295 Laura Wojciechowski 2nd grade teacher CPS
294 Melissa Herrera Director, Little Scholars Club Early Childhood Center
293 Annaliese Newmeyer Start early
292 Catherine Main Senior Lecturer, College of Education UIC
291 Judy Macks Lecturer Towson University
290 Liza W Math Coach
289 Kathleen Sheridan University of Illinois at Chicago
288 Noel Kuriakos University of Maryland College Park, Col of Edu
287 Beth Herbel-Eisenmann
286 Deena Khalil Associate Professor Howard University
285 Jennifer Monson
284 Megan Lynd Meier Early Childhood Teacher, Chicago Public Schools
283 Gwen Robertson NSA Hampton Roads Sewells Point CDC
282 Jennifer Ruef Assistant Professor of Mathematics Eduction, University of Oregon
281 Nicole Fonger Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Mathematics Education, Syracuse University
280 Anthony Villa Assistant Professor, UC Riverside
279 Helen Gynell Graphic Designer, University of Miami Institute for Data Science and Computing
278 Mary Hynes-Berry Dr.
277 Cassandra McKay-Jackson Director of MSW program, Erikson Institute
276 Stephanie Ayala Salinas Town Square
275 Pamela Segal Towson University
274 Toya Frank George Mason University
273 Karen Robinson Instructor
272 Susan Empson Professor, University of Missouri
271 JESSICA RIGBY University of Washington
270 Kisha Williamson-Champion Orange Coast College District – Orange Coast College
269 Tonya Bibbs Associate Professor, Erikson Institute
268 Youmna Deiri Texas A&M International University
267 Gwendolyn Kinard Chief Operations Officer, Rigorous Mathematical Thinking (RMT) Laboratory, Inc.
266 Nadirah Nayo Coordinator
265 Rosalie DeFino PhD Candidate in Math Education, University of Michigan
264 Jeffrey Choppin Professor, University of Rochester
263 Elham Kazemi University of Washington
262 Elizabeth Van Es University of California, Irvine
261 Charlotte Sharpe Syracuse University
260 Julie Sarama Distinguished University Professor, Kennedy Endowed Chair, Marsico Institute University of Denver
259 Dawn Woods Oakland University
258 Shannon Stark Guss Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Denver
257 Travis Weiland University of Houston
256 Stephanie Bynum Kohl Children’s Museum of Greater Chicago
255 Ingrid Ristroph Graduate Student, University of Texas at Austin
254 Camille Griffin PhD Student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
253 Luisiana Melendez Erikson Institute
252 Flanny Alamparambil
251 Sunghwan Byun Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University
250 Danielle Caldwell
249 Jose Martinez Hinestroza Assistant Professor. Texas State University
248 Tarah Donoghue PhD Candidate – STEM education
247 Laura Bofferding Associate Professor, Purdue University
246 Sean Freeland West Virginia University
245 Erik Jacobson Indiana University
244 Heather Lindfors-Navarro Doctoral Candidate University of Missouri
243 Nicole Wessman-Enzinger George Fox University
242 Jessica Wilson Exquisite Truth Co.
241 Nicholas Johnson San Diego State University
240 Julian Williams Prof of Education, Uni of Mancs, UK
239 Janine Remillard University of Pennsylvania
238 Melissa Gresalfi Professor, Vanderbilt University
237 Karisma Morton Assistant Professor
236 Nancy Kress University of Colorado at Boulder
235 Michael Lolkus PhD Candidate, Purdue University
234 Luke Carman North Carolina State University
233 Nicol Howard University of Redlands
232 Nerissa Kuebrich
231 Patricia Lawson Erikson Institute
230 Anita Kumar William Paterson University
229 Allison Pryor Kindergarten teacher, East Irondequoit CSD
228 Katherine Rodriguez Teachers College
227 Savitha Moorthy Executive Director; Tandem, Partners in Early Learning
226 Kendra Curtiss-Tomaski Director of Early Childhood & Family Services
225 Nereyda Hurtado Grail Family Services
224 Amy Clark RECE
223 Lisa Ginet Erikson Institute
222 Betsy Ferney Lakewood Avenue Children’s School
221 Donna Dervishian Project Manager/Education Development Center
220 Alyssa (Sisa) Pon Renie Coach and PD Facilitator
219 Douglas Bell Professor of Early Childhood Education Kennesaw State University
218 Jaime Dice Moore Dice Writing
217 Jacqueline Robles Early Learning Coalition of Manatee County
216 Encian Pastel Teacher and Afternoon Program Co-Director, Children’s Community Center
215 Kim McLeveighn Advisor/instructor Bank Street College of Education
214 Monique Dols Early childhood math teacher, Bronx NY
213 Martha Rae Early Childhood Advocate and Educator
212 Nicole Fletcher Assistant Professor of Educational Studies and Teacher Preparation, Fairfield University
211 Benjamin Dickman Math Teacher, The Hewitt School
210 Shu-Chen Jenny Yen Professor of Child and Adolescent Studies
209 Nathan Alexander Assistant Professor, Morehouse College
208 Jessica Pablo The Primary School
207 James Young Professor, ECE, Clark Atlanta University
206 Beth Smaka Asst. Professor, Early Childhood Education, Sauk Valley Community College
205 Ann Bond Director of Special Education, Peoria Public Schools
204 Maureen Cummings Teacher Little Learners
203 Lisa Rademacher self
202 Christina Lopez MDAEYC
201 Christi Law Educare Flint
200 Stephanie Calabrese George Mason University PhD student
VIEW 199-100
Name Title and Organization
199 Heather Morley Lawnswood Childcare Ltd
198 Margaret Leitch Copeland Retired early childhood educator
197 Beth Huber ETSU Little Bucs Director
196 Kiran Pandey Kv
195 Kimberley Wong Teacher
194 John Porter Walden University
193 Tania Mustafa LACC
192 Kamaie Clark AZAEYC VPadvocacy and public policy
191 Amber West Mighty Thinkers Ed Res
190 Mary Robinson-Banks Learn-In- Play Day Care
189 Tara Kirton Doctoral Student/Early Childhood Educator and Teacher Educator
188 Anna Brown Teacher, Valeska Hinton
187 Diane Greeley Teacher LNS
186 Emily Crement LaGrange School District 105
185 Angela Venier Beverley Hills Church Preschool
184 Julie McGough Azusa Unified
183 Erin Moore United Parent Leaders Action Network (UPLAN)
182 LYNN HARTLE Professor of Education
181 Elly Maconochie Director of Early Childhood, Canterbury School
180 Judy Ripke Teacher
179 Julia Capper ECSE teacher, San Diego Unified
178 Hilary Laing Early Childhood Literacy Specialist
177 Maile Hadley Zeno
176 Cheryl P Thompson Pre-K inclusion teacher/ mentor
175 Cindy Hoisington EDC
174 William Breeman Teacher, SJUSD
173 Marianna Spera Kindergarten Teacher, Brooke Charter Schools
172 Margaret Caspe
171 Courtnie Marsh Student
170 Mariah Haskins Infant toddler teacher
169 Marissa Cobleigh Early Childhood Specialist, GISD
168 Debbie Cazares Professor, Riverside City College
167 Teresa Gonczy O’Rourke Early Childhood Systems Consulting
166 Shaemia Newsome All Our Children’s Center, Inc.
165 Megan Kelley-Petersen Associate Teaching Professor, University of Washington, Seattle
164 Antonina Galassini Professional Learning Specialist, Chicago Public Schools, Office of Early Childhood Education
163 Education Development Center EDC
162 Zoe Henderson Marsico Institute
161 Patrick Huett
160 Alexa Moore Job Placement Coordinator- Society & Education / Adjunct Faculty
159 Tesha Sengupta-Irving Associate Professor, UC Berkeley
158 Forrest Bruce Graduate Student, Northwestern University
157 Michelle Roberts
156 Crystal Day-Hess Research Professor, University of Denver
155 Ayumi Nagase Sonoma State University, faculty
154 Megan Franke Professor, UCLA
153 Marci Goldberg Family Engagement Lab
152 Marquita Jones Teacher
151 Jessica Young EDC
150 Eli Tucker-Raymond Research Associate Professor, Boston University
149 Tasia Bhegani Friendship Public Charter Schools
148 Aerica Parson CPS kg teacher
147 Meixi * University of Minnesota
146 Geetha Ramani University of Maryland, College Park
145 Greg Bartley Assistant Professor, Oakland University
144 Cynthia Lopardo Teacher, CPS
143 Melanie West Tiz Media Foundation
142 Aachey Jurow University of Colorado Boulder
141 Lauren Vogelstein PhD Candidate, Vanderbilt University
140 Natalie Davis Assistant Professor, Georgia State University
139 Aireale Rodgers PhD Candidate, Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California
138 Nikki McDaid Northwestern University
137 MAXINE MCKINNEY DE ROYSTON Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
136 Kristen Reed EDC
135 Eric Dearing Professor, Boston College
134 Chris Sabino Associate Professor Mathematics Harold Washington College
133 Tara Mills Teacher hemingford grey primary uk
132 Victoria Cadwallader Specialist Teacher
131 Katy Shanahan
130 Rachael Relton Childminder
129 Yolanda Graham Lecturer
128 Robert Ginsberg Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, Princetton (NJ) Public Schools
127 Helen Bartle Vice Principal, Boothroyd Primary Academy
126 Tamara Jacobs Training Assitant at Child Care Options Resource and Referral
125 Hannah Jarry
124 Rose Singleton teacher
123 Chris Carducci Faculty Instructor, Pacific Oaks & Foothill Colleges
122 Vidya Sundaram Family Engagement Lab
121 Sandra Gutierrez Founder and National Director, Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors
120 Debbie Ignacio Operations Director, Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors
119 Lisa Watts Lawton
118 Tracy Collins ESD 112
117 Edward Silver Professor of Education, University of Michigan
116 Hilary Benoit
115 Lauren Brown Great Minds
114 Amanda Gryzkewicz I Can Math, Founder & CEO
113 Gideon Weinstein Faculty Member, Western Governors University
112 Lisa Fumia Tulsa Educare
111 Mars Caulton Mary Crane Center – Molade
110 La Tanga Gail Hardy Los Angeles Trade Tech. College
109 Pamela Spencer PAMELA SPENCER
108 Susan Bell Senior Academic Professional, The Learning Institute
107 Cindy Giaimo-Ballard University of La verne
106 Samina Mohiuddin DECE
105 Gary Huff Santa Monica College, ECE Faculty Chair
104 Kelley Padilla Math Coach and Teacher, DCPS/ Curriculum Writer, Eureka Math
103 Kate Austin Senior Curriculum Developer at Great Minds
102 Danousia Brown Aht Chapel End
101 Linda Olivenbaum Retired ECE Educator and Advocate
100 Erika Bullock Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
VIEW 99-1
Name Title and Organization
99 Bev Clarke
98 Janet Walkoe University of Maryland
97 Nicole Constantinidis Instructional Support Leader, Network 11 Chicago Public Schools
96 Jenine Patty-Anderson TCOC Head Start
95 John Reynolds Mathematician
94 Stephanie DeGiulio Curriculum Developer, Eureka Math
93 Heather Garrett Teacher Barbara VIck CPS
92 Cindy Jong univ. of kentucky
91 Annie Richardson
90 Melanie Gutierrez Sr. Curriculum Developer, Eureka Math
89 Neysa Cordial Senior Specialist, Early Numeracy & Math
88 Lorraine Coote Teacher Lincolnshire
87 Susan Miller
86 Samia Shah Elementary teacher WRDSB
85 David Cahn SEN Early Years Specialist
84 Joanne Wallin Maths adviser Croydon LA
83 Helen Williams Dr
82 Sue Allingham Independent Consultant
81 Joanne O’Raw Lark Hill Nursery School
80 Connections BADM Program Manager, BADM
79 Aubree Fairchild
78 Jessica Zenzel Teacher DCPS
77 Kathleen Tribble/Strong SEL Curriculum consultant
76 Diane Griggs Teacher cambridge public schools
75 Krsity Ulrich Papczun Doctoral Student, UIC
74 Kelly Davis ASU Teacher Prep
73 Erina Spiegelman Associate Dean of Students, The Advent School, Boston, MA
72 Dorie Ranheim Atlas Public School
71 Nedra Coleman Jahn Elementary
70 LInnea Weiland Chair, Department of Teacher Education, William Paterson University
69 Emma Morrison Teacher
68 Kaila Lui-Kwan
67 Beth Graue Professor Univ of WI Madison
66 Rico Gutstein Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
65 Erin Smith Assistant Professor, USM
64 John Golden Grand Valley State University
63 Alesia Moldavan Assistant Professor, Fordham University
62 Christopher Jett University of West Georgia
61 Nicole Louie Assistant professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
60 Richard Kogen Mathematics Teacher, School District 105
59 Kun Li
58 Anne Jenkins Reading and Math Inc.
57 Mark Nagasawa Director, Straus Center at Bank Street College of Education
56 Bethany Rittle-Johnson Professor and Department Chair, Vanderbilt University
55 Sandra Zuniga UC Berkeley
54 Kirsten Zimbelman Boulder Journey School
53 Jennifer Ward Assistant Professor of Elementary Math Ed
52 Heather Fink U.C. Berkeley
51 Samantha Sartin Math Teacher, Chicago Public Schools
50 Jane Catezone Garfield School
49 Tina Smith
48 Betina OHara Resource Coordinator
47 Robert Berry Professor, University of Virginia
46 Suzan Krygowski
45 Monica Gonzalez Assistant Professor; East Carolina University
44 Mary Cushing Preschool teacher
43 Kathleen Kelly Chicago Public Schools
42 Ann Rappelt Program and Education Mgr Learning Bridge Early Education Center
41 Muriah Summer Program Director, Mile High Early Learning
40 Petrea Hicks XYZ the end result LLC
39 Jessica Ayala Bilingual Teacher CPS
38 Petrea Hicks XYZ the end result LLV
37 Heather Hall Teacher
36 Sarah Holmes Teaching Assistant Early Years
35 Katrena Washington Assistant Principal @ John D. Shoop Academy ( CPS)
34 Laurie Strouse Penn State Better Kid Care
33 Octavia Butler
32 Janna Wagner All Our Kin
31 Ramona Richards Chicago Children’s Museum
30 Jennifer Hammond Ulster County CAP Early Head Start
29 Lucy Coleman Assistant Secretary Oxfordshire NEU
28 Jameelah Wright Head Teacher, Three Stages Learning Center
27 Mariangela Bryant Preschool Manager -Youth Options
26 Catherine Gripton Assistant Professor, University of Nottingha
25 Barbara Chisholm Instructional Coach Early Math, San Francisco Unified School District
24 Patty Barbato Educational Consultant
23 Gudrun Priemer Skokie Public Library
22 Alanna Mertens DePaul University STEM Center Math Specialist
21 Dionne Gibson cerritos college
20 Elisheva Gross UCLA Department of Psychology
19 Elaine Bennett Early educator and founder of Keeping Early Years Unique
18 Angelica Lopez Teacher Leader/RRISD
17 Peter Cipparone Head of School, The Croft School
16 Gavin Creaden District Elementary Math Specialist
15 Amy Parks Professor, Michigan State University
14 Wilma Valero
13 Delilah Salgado Community Based Artist
12 Amanda Ruch Teacher, Chicago Public Schools
11 Kimberly Brenneman Program Officer, Heising-Simons Foundation
10 Jeanine Brownell Erikson Institute
9 Niral Shah Assistant Professor, College of Education, University of Washington
8 Sarai Coba Rodriguez Assistant Professor, UIC
7 Nathaniel Bryan Miami university
6 Donna Johnson Assistant Director of School Supports – Erikson Institute Early Math Collaborative
5 Melissa Kirk Program Manager, Early Teaching and Learning Academy
4 Nora Kane Media Coordinator, Erikson Institute (EMC)
3 Danny Martin Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
2 Jennifer McCray Erikson Institute
1 Cody Meirick Production Manager, Erikson Institute