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3 Magic Cauldron Books for Kids to Mathematize the Season


One of the most classic images of the Halloween season is a witch’s magic pot or cauldron. Singing about witches’ brew and reading tales of magical pots can also be a great way to introduce math concepts… as long as you find the right book! Below are three of our favorite magic cauldron tales that could be introduced during the Halloween season (or any time) to spark discussion around important math ideas such as doubling, capacity, and measurement.

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Centering on Math: NSF Grant Funds Program with Pre-K Head Start Centers


The Collaborative received a four-year $3 million grant from the National Science Foundation, funding a new project that aims to improve early mathematics learning in Head Start classrooms across Chicago. This new program intends to help prepare teachers and teacher assistants to provide effective, intentional math instruction.

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The Math in Learning Names


Do the children in your classroom know each other’s names? At winter break, are they still pointing to “that girl?” Doing activities in the early weeks of school that use the children’s own names will do wonders for building your classroom community. At the same time, you can be doing math—as well as literacy!

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