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Intentional Teaching Comes to Life with Big Shoulders Project

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A Chicago-area teacher’s intentional teaching and efforts to differentiate for students of varying ability and confidence resulted in a rich math lesson. Based on Audrey Wood’s classic book The Napping House, students created their own books with the details and content unique to themselves.

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Challenges of Female Mathematicians in the Past and Present

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Using Shape Blocks for Visual and Spatial Memory with Child 35


A preschool student puts together shape blocks to make larger, more complicated shapes from memory. In doing so, she makes connections between the various configurations she is constructing.

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Making “Math for Fun” a Reality

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4 Books About Measurement that Spur Children’s Thinking


Children measure all of the time, even if they’re not using rulers or numbers while doing so. There are many great children’s books about measurement that spur on children’s natural fascination with the subject.

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