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Count on Feasting: Delectable Holiday Math Activities


The holidays are coming up, and usually that involves a lot of eating. This provides plenty of opportunities to find math all around us. Problems surrounding the questions of “how many do we have,” “how many do we need,” “how much is enough,” and “what might be too much” can lead to any number of fruitful holiday math activities.

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A Flurry of Ideas for Winter Math Activities

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It’s finally autumn, and here in Chicago that means there’s a feeling of foreboding in the air about when winter’s going to hit. A small comfort in the changing weather is that it offers some opportunities for winter math activities, specifically those that are relevant to students’ personal experiences.

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A Holiday with Too Many Tamales

holiday math activities

How is it possible to have too many tamales? Well, Maria finds out in the book Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto. In this holiday storybook, what starts out as a fun experience helping mama make tamales becomes a frantic search for mama’s wedding ring. But it’s in the search that Maria and her cousins are faced with the math concept of too many.

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