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Collaborative Research Suggests Math Is Found in Preschool Play

bigstock-Three-Little-Girls-And-Female--7559302 preschool play

While many conflicting ideas exist about how to improve math teaching in preschool, recent research suggests that providing plenty of time to play, with a teacher observing and interjecting pointed questions and ideas, may be most effective.

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6 Tips When Discussing Math with the English Language Learner

bigstock-Elementary-Pupils-Counting-Wit-46548175 English Language Learner

An English Language Learner can struggle with math, but with some planning, teachers can guide students to adopt the language they need to master math along with the rest of their class. Here are just a few tips that can help teachers when discussing math concepts with ELLs.

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5 Tips to Help Students Learn Basic Math Strategies

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The Math in Learning Names

Do the children in your classroom know each other’s names? At winter break, are they still pointing to “that girl.” Doing activities in the early weeks of school that use the children’s own names will do wonders for building your classroom community. At the same time, you can be doing math—as well as literacy!

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