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Collaborative Addresses How an Early Learning Program Can Work

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Exploring “Math Talks” with Math Problems for 2nd Grade, And Beyond

math problems for 2nd grade

The Math Talk instructional strategy emphasizes spoken communication around a series of carefully crafted math problems. “They challenge my students to be more specific in their reflections,” said 2nd grade teacher Diana Miranda.

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Place Value: Meaning of the Digits with Child 14

EMTR203 teaching place value to second graders

This second grader has uncertainty about the meaning of the digits. He is working to construct the understanding that place determines the value of a number.

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Tangram Puzzles: Make One For Your Kids


Instructor Lisa Ginet explains how to make tangram puzzles, an ancient Chinese game made from seven shapes cut from a square. Over 6500 different arrangements can be made from these seven simple shapes!

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