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Video Analysis of Preschool Number Sense Activity

Video Analysis of Preschool Number Sense Activity

Collaborative member Donna Johnson leads teachers in a discussion about an activity designed to build number sense in a video from our Focus on the Lesson series. This is an example of how we use video analysis to engage adults in discussions around classroom practice and instructional choices. Examining authentic video vignettes allows participants to apply new understanding of what math learning and teaching looks and sounds like.

Here, Donna uses questions to help teachers think about how an activity changes over time as the children’s understanding about numbers and number sense develops. She asks the them to consider how the teacher in the video responds to what the children say and why she chooses certain materials over others. Donna asks open-ended questions and builds on what the participants notice in the video. In this way, video analysis helps develop the ability to recognize and describe teaching practices that promote children’s mathematical development.

The full clip that is used can be found here: Number Arrangements

Adult learning videos are portions of professional development sessions designed to engage adults in a meaningful way. They are not activities meant for recreating with children. Learn more about our Whole Teacher Approach and Learning Labs.