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At-Home Activity Cards: Sets and Sorting

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sets and sorting fun activities at home

Five Creatures

This book by Emily Jenkins includes three humans and two cats in one house. That allows a lot of opportunities for sorting! This printable activity card in both English and Spanish invites home explorations with sets and sorting using the book. You can watch and read further about an example activity here in our Ideas at Work series: All Sorts of Families: Connecting School and Home with Math.


sets and sorting book pair of socks fun activities at home

A Pair of Socks

By Stuart J. Murphy, this book uses illustrations and language to highlight qualities a sock could have. This downloadable activity card provides fun activities at home while developing children’s recognition of attributes as well as deepen their matching abilities when dealing with sets and sorting of objects.


sets and sorting fun activities at home

Exactly the Opposite

This book by Tana Hoban contains photos that inspire conversation, showing two items that are opposites in some interesting way. This printable Spanish and English activity card can accompany parents for opportunities to engage children at home.


sets and sorting Is it Red

Is it Red? Is it Yellow? Is it Blue?

This wordless book encourages conversations about an engaging attribute, color, while also inspiring questions about what is happening from page to page. This printable activity card can take the discussion to the at-home setting.


fun activities at home sets and sorting books opposites


By Cynthia Weill, this book is in Spanish and English and is great for discussions around sets and sorting. Explorations of different cultures intermixed with important early math concepts can still provide fun activities at home. This activity card can go home with parents to further the math thinking in more settings beyond the school or library.


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