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Take Home Activity Counting Cards


This book by Denise Fleming illustrates numbers one through ten and then counts on by tens. Each number is illustrated with an uncommon animal, from gnus to kangaroos. Creative activities at home related to it can spark a lot of conversation and fun. This activity card is great for printing (English and Spanish versions) to demonstrate how it can be used by families at home.


Count and See

In this book by Tana Hoban, there are things to count all around you if you look, think, and see. Exciting photographs — reinforced by the number as word, as numeral, and as model set — show you how to count what you see, and make what you see count. This printable activity card creates opportunities for rich discussion around the question, “How Many?”


Ten Black Dots

This activity card paired with the book by Donald Crews is in both English and Spanish. On each page the artist adds one more dot and thinks of new designs to make with the growing number. It’s an effective springboard for mathematical art projects for parents, libraries, and other home uses.


Anno’s Counting Book

This book by Mitsumasa Anno takes the reader on a journey through the four seasons with numbers one to twelve. This activity counting card can accompany the journey at home to help bring out important counting and cardinality concepts.


Count Me In / ¡Cuenta Conmigo!

By Cynthia Weill, this bilingual book combines number and Oaxacan clay art to provide creative activities at home. This downloadable activity card can help bring math learning and its cultural connections to families at home.


Counting Cards creative activities at home

Mouse Count

This book by Ellen Stoll Walsh tells the story of a very hungry snake. This downloadable activity counting card provides a great jumping off spot for discussions at home. You can find a classroom example of an activity on our website: Mouse Collections.


Fish Eyes

This storybook by Lois Ehlert follows a fish on a journey as it meets new groups of fish. This at-home activity card builds on math concept of “one more” that is embedded in the story.


creative activities at home for counting cards

1, 2, 3 to the Zoo: A Counting Book

By Eric Carle, this book follows a tiny mouse’s train ride to the zoo. This activity card provides opportunities to take the learning that can happen with the book to at-home settings.


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