Series: About Early Math

Math Activities at Home with Numbers Are Fun!

Our colleagues at Numbers Are Fun! have developed a series of math activities to help children and their parents see math in different contexts. Rather than putting the focus on firing out quick answers or memorizing flash cards, these activities are more centered on critical, creative thinking.

They’re also designed to be cooperative and fun, so children and parents can think about the problems together. The activities come printed on a standard-sized deck of 52 cards, so one can easily use these math activities at home or on the go.

Numbers Are Fun! came about to challenge our society’s comfort with feeling uncomfortable about math. It’s not uncommon to hear people joke about their lack of math skills.

Unfortunately, however, school curricula often reflect this nonchalant attitude towards math. Teachers in early childhood classrooms tend to spend much more time on literacy than math. While both are important, they are also not mutually exclusive; in fact, research shows that a strong early math program can simultaneously improve children’s skills in math and literacy.

Parents and teachers both can use the activities created by Numbers Are Fun! to try and balance the scale of math and literacy in and out of the classroom.