Series: Ideas at Work

Intentional Teaching Comes to Life with Big Shoulders Project

Math can be intimidating for many students, because it appears to be abstract and detached from the real world. Ms. Sheila Houston is among a growing group of teachers who are attempting to individualize their lessons to connect with each students’ unique interests and abilities.

Ms. Houston is a first grade teacher at St. Margaret of Scotland School. She has been attending our workshops in partnership with the Big Shoulders Fund, which works with the Office of Catholic Schools.

In the first cycle of these after-school workshops, they spent one 3-hour session intensively planning how participants could tailor a lesson plan developed by the Early Math Collaborative to help their students understand growing patterns.

The lesson revolved around the book The Napping House by Audrey Wood.

The research lesson was designed with preK-K students in mind, but it is always important to be able to “scale up