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A Letter from the Director

A Letter from the Director


We have exciting news to share: the Early Mathematics Education Project at Erikson Institute is now the Early Math Collaborative. Our new name illustrates Erikson’s ongoing commitment to supporting high-quality math education for young children—math education that is practical, rigorous, inclusive, culturally-aware, and developmentally appropriate.

And of course, we have a new website! The goal of this growing site is to become a thoughtful archive of all things early math… from video of children explaining their math thinking, to our own articles about best practices, to links to external resources. And when possible, everything is categorized according to our own foundational math concepts and Big Ideas, as well as the Common Core State Standards; so if you want to, you can search by “shape” or “number composition” to see what we have. On the site, we always strive to give things context and explain why we think they are important.

What do you think? We would love to hear your thoughts about the site in the comments section below. It’s still in testing and we hope to add additional features over the coming weeks, so we are eager for feedback as we continue this journey online.

And please come back soon. Not only do we intend to add additional content and resources often, we also hope to create ongoing discussions around the subject we care about: improving math education in the early years.

Thanks for visiting!

Jennifer McCray, Director
Early Math Collaborative