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10 for 10: Things We Love About the Collaborative

10 for 10: Things We Love About the Collaborative

We call 10 a “friendly” number, a landmark, a benchmark. Whatever you call it, 10 is really big in early math. The Collaborative has spent the last ten years working with teachers to deeply understand our number system so that they can help young children unlock the power of 10!

In honor of our 10th year, we asked our staff what excites them about being part of the Collaborative. Here’s our “Top 10” List:

Top 10 Things That We Love About the Early Math Collaborative

10 Building forts in the office
9 Groaning at bad math puns
8 Working with a team of 24 amazing colleagues
7 Promoting early childhood “push-up” to the primary grades (and beyond!)
6 Solving a head-scratcher of a math problem
5 Researching teacher development
4 Passing 13,000 Twitter followers (follow us here!)
3 Working with international partners in China, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia
2 Getting inspired by the teachers we meet
1 Writing a new book to be released in 2018!

Meet some of our staff as we celebrate our milestone with multiple representations of 10! While the objects are all very different in size, color, and purpose, they all have the attribute of ten in common. High Ten, friends! ✋????

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