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Analyzing Video in a Grade Level Meeting

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In this video, a team of preschool teachers looks at video documentation of a performance task in which children are asked to make equal groups from a set of cookies. The team looks for evidence of student thinking and uses a discussion protocol to share observations and wonderings with the presenting teacher.

In the first round of comments, teachers describe what they see the child do and interpret what that reveals about the child’s understanding. In the second round, teachers share questions about the work.

Why is this important?

Recording video in the classroom is a powerful way to document student work to share with colleagues. Both the presenting teacher and her team of colleagues benefit from the opportunity to look closely at student work together.

Foundational Math Concepts

Source: 14-15 Grade Level Meetings • Copyright: © Erikson Insitute • Content ID: ED468-151207

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    Guadalupe Velasco

    July 2, 2016 at 6:50pm

    Children learn properly sort shoes and put them on a graph as measured by students in class being properly supervised by their teacher answering questions that students asked teacher. Also during an activity in class the teacher teaches the students how they can measure the sizes of toys for the exact size of your hand being so the child understands how to find suitable objects to his hand

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