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Value of Blocks in Kindergarten

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A kindergarten teacher makes a strong case for how time spent playing with blocks supports mathematical thinking and learning in her classroom. Time well spent!

Why is this important?

Shape attributes, composition/decomposition, and the concepts of unit and equivalence are all important topics in the Common Core State Standards. Unit blocks are a powerful and developmentally-appropriate tool for young children to explore these ideas and deepen their understanding.

Source: Erikson Institute • Copyright: Erikson Institute • Content ID: ED401-160822

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    Mari Fukuda

    August 30, 2016 at 5:50pm

    Thank you for this article. This will justify the need for 3-D objects/toys, and blocks in gr K. Many of the toys/manipulatives have been frowned upon and free play is not seen as useful. But for imagination, STEM and STEAM and also for flexiblility, children must experiment and play.

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