In-Person Learning Labs

We provide interactive full- or part-day learning sessions in which early childhood teachers, trainers, or administrators gain understanding of the math content and math teaching strategies to improve core competencies based on state and federal standards.


We created the Big Ideas in Early Mathematics to address the need for a deeper understanding of foundational concepts in math and how they can be included in appropriate early childhood practice. Our Big Ideas use clear language to identify the central concepts within each mathematical topic—such as sets or number sense. Early childhood teachers can use these Big Ideas as a guide for thinking about the kinds of math learning opportunities they need to provide in their classrooms.

In-person Learning Labs and Math Teaching Strategies

“They’ve helped me understand how a 5-year-old brain thinks and helped me connect my teaching to what numbers mean in their world,” – teacher participant from Gale Math and Science Academy


The Whole Teacher Approach is a conceptual framework for the design of professional development designed by Dr. Jie-Qi Chen, the Principal Investigator for the Early Math Collaborative. While addressing teacher knowledge, attitudes, and practice in an integrated fashion, multiple pathways to teacher development are activated and training is more successful and has longer-lasting effects. This philosophy is used to guide our program design, implementation, and evaluation.


  • Teachers: This includes direct intervention with teachers by Early Math Collaborative instructors.
  • Leaders: This focuses on a “train-the-trainers” model, in which we work with coaches, facilitators, or pre-service education professionals so that they can train their teachers and students.
  • Administrators: Leadership Academies help school administrators learn about Erikson’s approach to professional development, enhance their math knowledge and understanding, provide them with tools for classroom observation and conversations with teachers about instruction, and keep them informed about their teachers’ learning so they can support its implementation at their school.
“Now I work to make [my students] mathematical thinkers. I want them to be able to tell me ‘why’ and ‘how’ they know things. My students are far more engaged and are more successful in kindergarten.” – teacher participant from Lovett Elementary
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