Series: Focus on the Child

Recognizing Quantity with Child 1

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A child selects a card with a given number of dots.

Focus on the Child videos are taken from one-on-one interviews with individual children. The interviews are designed to elicit evidence of children’s mathematical thinking. They are not teaching episodes or formal assessments.

Why is this important?

Good evidence that small numbers come naturally to kids––she’s finding sets of 4 and 5 without counting!

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The quantity of a small collection can be intuitively perceived without counting. More

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Big Idea

Quantity is an attribute of a set of objects and we use numbers to name specific quantities. More

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Common Core Alignment

Counting and Cardinality More

Foundational Math Concepts

Source: 10-11 Prek-K Training Video • Copyright: © Erikson Institute • Content ID: EMTR001 ①

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