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Collaboration with the Ounce Highlights Math Development in Children Ages 0-3

Reading a “touch-and-feel” book or singing an action song with a baby or toddler is setting the groundwork for mathematical thinking and future school success. That’s the point of Math All Around Me (MAAM), a joint program between Erikson Institute Early Math Collaborative and The Ounce of Prevention Fund, established to study the math capabilities of children ages 0-3.  

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IMG_9231 646x363 Intentional teaching

Intentional Teaching Comes to Life with Big Shoulders Project

A Chicago-area teacher’s intentional teaching and efforts to differentiate for students of varying ability and confidence resulted in a rich math lesson. Based on Audrey Wood’s classic book The Napping House, students created their own books with the details and content unique to themselves.

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Erikson Institute

First Grade Number Talks Ideas from a First Grade Teacher