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Chinese Preschool Educators Begin Project with Erikson Institute

The largest private Chinese preschool provider, RYB, has just begun a five-year partnership with Erikson Institute. Early Math Collaborative members Jie-Qi Chen and Yinna Zhang are part of a team of early childhood education experts from Erikson Institute who will be demonstrating high-quality teaching styles from the United States.

Educators from RYB recently traveled Chicago to visit preschool classrooms and witness effective teaching strategies firsthand. One major difference was evident in Chicago teachers’ willingness to allow for open-ended learning. Setting up different learning stations and supporting children while they play is an effective strategy that teachers in United States classrooms use frequently. Chinese preschool teachers are more likely to utilize direct instruction.

RYB, founded in 1998, has centers in over 300 cities and provides service to about 200,000 families.

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