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Attendance Routine to Build Number Sense

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A daily activity such as taking attendance can be a powerful way to build number sense. This Spanish-language example of an attendance routine uses a pocket chart designed to look like a rekenrek with groups of 5 pockets in contrasting colors that make rows of 10. These preschoolers know that 20 is a special number; there are 20 children in the class, and the chart is full when everyone is present. They are also learning about the unique mathematical properties of 20: that it is composed of 4 fives or 2 tens.

Why is this important?

Children need to build an understanding of 5 and 10 as landmark numbers since they are the foundation of our base-10 number system. Representing the number of children in class using a chart like this provides the structure for children to develop a visual sense of the smaller quantities that compose bigger numbers.

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