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15 Picture Books To Support Math Spatial Reasoning Skills

This link jumps into books that give children a chance to explore spatial reasoning. Over and under, going that direction or going the other direction, mapping, perspective. There are plenty of ways to get young children to think dynamically about the mathematical world around them. And when using picture books to support math and spatial thinking, teachers and parents can entice children with creative storytelling.

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Early Math Apps

6 Resources to Help You Assess Early Math Apps

Where can educators and parents go to learn more about smart choices in choosing math apps and math-related technology for young children? Here is a round-up of resources that can help think through the options.


4 Ideas to Help Find Math in Everyday Life

"At Kohl Children’s Museum, we partner with a great team of early childhood researchers, professional development providers and teachers at Erikson Institute’s Early Math Collaborative. One of the methods they promote is Mathematizing Daily Experiences. Simply put, mathematizing is using everyday activities and items to talk about math with young children."

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